Winning When Wet: a How To Guide

This week, Vortica takes an in-depth look at how to excel in the rain, and cold. In 21 years of competitive disc golf, I have played my share of wet tournaments, and one thing remains constant throughout – my performances have been better than my fine weather results. I want to share with you what I have learned over the decades, so you might save yourself a lot of heartache and discomfort when the weather takes a nosedive. And, if it helps you beat me at an NZ NT event sometime in the future, please let me know, as it will fill my heart with a warm glow. The first, and most important aspect of wet play is mental attitude. The second aspect is having the right equipment, and using it correct

Moonbase Musings; Or, how challenging courses can cause bad play

Twizel, MacKenzie County; Big Sky Country. Desert country. Disc Golf country! This last weekend saw 45 National Tour competitors touch down for Moonbase 3, and very few people played anywhere near their capacity, leaving me in 3rd overall when the dust settled after the Super Six playoff. How did THAT happen? This year after two overall seconds, two fifths, and with five GM victories, and sitting in 9th place overall, I needed a very high finishing position at Moonbase 3 to increase my tour points, and given the fact the effective 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th ranked players were in attendance... a bunch of highly talented young guys from Wanaka, Queenstown, Christchurch and Dunedin – it s

The Single Easiest Way To Improve Your Game. Guaranteed!

Many people spend countless hours practicing, putting, going out to the field, working on form, trying for distance, testing discs... all in order to get better. But when’s the last time you studied the PDGA rules? This week Vortica takes a look at the rules, and how knowing them will make you a better player. But first a story. I was pretty much accused of cheating in an NT event at one stage – the first year the PDGA introduced the Optional Rethrow rule, 803.02B. It was in Paradise. I’d made a drive over a gully which yielded an extreme death putt, and I went for it aggressively, and paid the price, tipping off the outer chains. My putter somehow flew and rolled 80 metres down the gully, a

Don’t DISCriminate!

How a disc flies for you right now, at this point in time is the only thing with meaning. This week Vortica addresses the tricky subject of



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