Just The Tip! No. 12 – Your subconscious may be smarter than you are

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip. We promise! Any time you have the slightest doubt on the DGC, you should immediately stop, and ask yourself what is causing that doubt. This may mean clamping down hard on your grip and not throwing the disc, and bailing out of your throwing motion. Do not progress until you have established what is causing your doubts. Your subconscious can sometimes see things or feel things you may not be completely aware of on a conscious level. Your grip may not be quite right for the shot, or your footing might not be perfect, or there may be an un-noticed dangler in your line of play. Take a moment or two to assure yourself you have correctly assessed th

Just The Tip! No. 11 – How To Spin Putt with Accuracy

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip. That’s all. Spin putting is hard. And when you miss, you generally have a long comeback putt to make, and that often doesn't go well, resulting in the disc golf equivalent of the Kiss Of Death. But there's one thing you can do to radically improve your spin putting, almost instantly: When you adopt your putting stance, get into your pre-putt position, and relax, and look straight down at the ground in front of you. Now, clear your mind. Then, lift your gaze to the basket, and quickly select a chain link to aim for, and the INSTANT you make your choice, throw the disc straight at it. Do NOT think about it. Do NOT delay. Do NOT ask any questions.

How and why we learn to pitch putt

You have probably played for a while, and found that putting is hard. Learning to Pitch Putt, as it is known, is one way to become better at putting. And almost straight away! You've seen professionals drop discs in from all over the place, but it looks like some sort of dark Voodoo to you. Today we're taking a look at how to develop a natural pitching motion, and what actual physical movements you should make when learning to pitch putt in disc golf. What is a Pitch Putt, and why would we use one? It is a vertical swinging motion using your stiff(!) arm as a pendulum. Specifically, it excludes all use of the elbow joint, and the wrist joint, as well. Unlike a Spin Putt the Pitch Putt does n

Vortica talks with RPM’s Simon Feasey

Vortica and RPM go way back. We’ve been involved with RPM since our inception, and we’ve used their discs since Chris started playing in 1989! Today’s blog post is a catch-up with our old mate, Simon Feasey. Firstly, congratulations on making RPM an internationally significant disc golf brand. New Zealand is genuinely lucky! Thanks. We’ve all worked very hard to date, and we aren’t stopping any time soon. Simon, you’ve been throwing Frisbees forever, but you got very serious about it in 2005. What happened then? The company was almost bankrupt, and myself and Woody rescued it with a small injection of capital, effectively taking it over, and sharing the ownership. The company isn’t called RP

Just The Tip No.10 - Rest your expensive disc golf shoes

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip. It won’t hurt a bit! It is a very good idea to put your disc golfing shoes on just before you play, and take them off when you finish your round. Rest in comfortable sandals or flip-flops and allow your feet to dry in between rounds, if possible. Chris's TR7s @ 4+ years: heel cup and hole repairs. Three more years at least! On two-round days, change into fresh socks, and have a fresh pair of shoes standing by if conditions are wet. Never underestimate the power of warm dry feet. Disc golfing shoes have a very long lifetime if they are only worn for disc golf. Wearing them casually will wear them out prematurely. If shoes begin to come apart, or



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