What Dynamic Discs Say:

The problem with the highest speed discs is that they are historically understable. This is no longer an issue. The Defender is here. Fast. Stable. Neither of these descriptions will be in dispute after you unleash this scorcher. You will no longer have to put away your high speed discs when the wind begins to blow. The Defender will have your back when the course and the elements conspire to take you down.


A Vortica Disc Golf Essential
Disc Golf Essentials is a small collection of discs which are universally praised as class-leading. These are the discs the international community has decided are indispensible over a long period of time, and with much discussion.

Each of our Essentials has been discounted by a dollar, and buying multiple discs from this exclusive collection results in an additional dollar discount for each disc. So, save $4 when you buy two, and save $6 when you buy three!

Defender (Lucid)

$25.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
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  • Defender won't let you down. Think of it as a more stable Boss. This is a fantastic headwind disc for most mortals, but if you have a cannon where an arm would normally be installed, you could put all your power into this disc and know it won't go bad on you.


    Fligth Rating: 13 5 0 3