What Latitude64 Say:

The Fuse is really something special. It has been co-designed with pro disc golfer Jesper Lundmark. The goal was a midrange that would hold any curve with minimal fade at the end, and we got exactly what we wanted. For a 100 meter drive (330 ft) it will start to get an anhyzer angle and you know what? Just when you think it will start to fade back, it won’t. The Fuse holds the anhyzer line all the way. The Fuse is also one of the best discs to start playing disc golf with. Learn to handle a Fuse and you can throw anything.


A Vortica Disc Golf Essential
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Fuse (Opto)



    The Glidemeisters have been at it again - this time creating the ultimate understable midrange: The Fuse is deep-rimmed and hand-filling for amazing grip, has incredible glide, and does not need a ton of speed to flip up, or over. Fuse flips and holds, rather than continuing to turn and burn.


    If given a lot of height, Fuse will eventually fade out, but any normal shot will see it hold an anhyzer to the ground, where it tends not to cut-roll due to the very rounded bottom of the rim. This is a genuine understable utility disc, which beginners and intermediates alike can use to create right-holding lines for the very first time.


    For experts, Fuse takes the pressure off - you know the disc will flip and hold, and it isn't power-critical, so slight errors in power application will not be punished with unruly flight paths.


    Gentle touch shots will see the Fuse hold a perfect straight line - but think carefully before launching it into a headwind.


    Flight Rating: 5 6 -2 1