The Giant is Westside's most reliable over stable high speed driver. Made for any size arm the Giant is just what it sounds like, Giant hyzer lines. For professional players it will be your go to hyzer disc for shots over 350 feet. For slower arm speeds it is a good utility disc for all conditions. Many players find that the Giant is a great forehand disc that can hold the high speed of a forehand release. If you are looking for fast and reliable look no further. The Giant is made in VIP, VIP Air, and Tournament plastics.

Giant (VIP)

  • 2008 World Champion Dave Feldberg carries a fist full of Giants - mostly in Tournament plastic. Our experience shows this slightly domed, High Glide driver to have excellent headwind fighting abilities, and high stability, and it can withstand the power of the longest arms in the game.

    You'll need at least 100 metres of power to straighten this disc out for long, otherwise it will be exceedingly overstable. The Giant is a monstropus skipping disc if landed on the right angle, and superb for the spike hyzer, power hyzer, or extreme power anhyzer throw. 

    With the high glide, this disc tends to climb into a headwind, or if thrown fast enough to flip, so if you prefer something to stay down, go with a Westside World - with glide of 4, and with no tendency to climb.


    Flight Rating 13 5 1 4 


  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email