What Westside Say:

The Hatchet fits any hand and is extremely user friendly. It holds the line you put it on and is very controllable. A must have for all players the Hatchet will allow you to throw frozen rope lines. For professional players it is a controllable fairway driver that glides and can be used for rollers. For lower arm speeds, the hatchet will glide and give you that anhyzer shot you have been missing. It comes in VIP and VIP Air plastic.


A Vortica Disc Golf Essential
Disc Golf Essentials is a small collection of discs which are universally praised as class-leading. These are the discs the international community has decided are indispensible over a long period of time, and with much discussion.

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Hatchet (Tournament)

$28.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
  • The Hatchet is that rare disc which you think you don't teally need, but when you throw one a few times, you come to realise it's a thing of beauty. It has great glide like the Saint, but is more undertstable, with turn gently and easily, even without massive arm speed.


    This is a disc which will benefit from throws which are NOT made at full strength, and NOT into any kind of headwind, and while it is sensitive to nose angle when trying to throw anhyzer shots, intermediates will quickly form a tight bond with the disc.


    Flight Rating 9 6 -2 2 

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