What RPM say: RPM has added a stable fairway driver to it’s range. The ‘Huia’ will fast become a favourite in your bag providing consistent medium to long range straight shots with a gentle fade. The added glide will mean that you can sneak some extra distance with your tunnel shots and the blunt nose means you won’t lose control if it hits a pocket of wind.


If you enjoy throwing forehand shots you will notice the slightly deeper rim helping you grip the disc.


Model #: DGFD1

PDGA Approved: Yes – as the Huia

Diameter: 212mm

Weight: 155-176g

Speed: 7

Glide: 5

Turn: 0

Fade: 2


Plastic types: Cosmic / Atomic / Strata / Glow

Huia (Cosmic)

  • In Cosmic plastic Huia is a grippy crystal-like fairway driver in vibrant and dynamic colours. RPM's pinks and blues are absolutely killer! Extremely durable and long-lasting, a Cosmic Huia will take a loooong time to beat-up

    Huia is a Teebird analog from RPM. Slightly deeper and slightly blunter edged, but a fairly similar disc in terms of flight shape.

    The stability of Huia is admirable out of the box, and this is a disc which will serve even relative newcomers well, as an overstable driver capable of handling good headwinds.

    Advanced players will be able to craft accurate lines on different angles due to its small speed-7 wing size, while reaching far with Huia's glide.

    The Huia gets a big quality tick mark also, with very smooth, polished surfaces and fantastic feel on all plastic variants.

    Flight Rating: 7 5 0 2