Missilen (The Missile in english) was the first Hex disc on the market – and it is FAST. It features hexagon shaped cavities in the surface of both the top of the disc and the bottom of the rim. This pattern has been tested to be the most efficient in reducing drag and making the disc fly extremely fast. The speed is notable especially when the discs lands. Try it and see for yourself exactly how fast this thing goes.

Missilen (Gold Line Hex) NO STAMP

Weight in grams
  • The Missilen is an extremely high speed, extremely overstable, extremely fast driver with extremely low glide. Speed is what carries the Missilen far, and so it is not a good downwind disc, as it will crash to the ground.


    But for the biggest arms in the game, and to fight against titanic headwinds for us mere mortals, the Missilen might be the best weapon you could ever ask for.


    This is a disc which requires maximum power throws, and which only the most powerful players will ever turn over to obtain that legendary anhyzer to fade, long distance drive with the most overstable disc.


    Flight Rating 15 3 0 4 



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