The Pearl is a midrange driver with a small grip, low weight (starting at 150 grams), and a neutral flight path. It is a part of the Easy-to-use line and this is the perfect midrange for beginners, children and people who don’t throw very far.

Pearl (Opto Glimmer)

  • If you are looking for the perfect first midrange disc for a lady, or a child, then look no further! The Pearl will fly very straight even for absolute beginners with no power whatsoever; no more shots which begin fading hard left straight from the hand!


    Honestly, if you want discs for kids, or something your wife or girlfriend can throw casually with you, or something to flatter the beginner in calm air, this is THE ONE.


    Despite being legal up to 180 grams, we are only talking about the lightweight ones, from 145 to 160 grams as being ultra good for the beginner. The smaller you are, the lighter your disc should be.


    Opto plastic means this disc will take a lickin' and keep on tickin', for years, without changing its flight shape.


    If you are looking for a two-disc combination, then choose the Ruby as the putter, as this doubles as a beauifully understable putter and approach disc.


    Flight Rating: 4 6 -4 1