The Photon leaves your hand like it is rocket propelled - all that extra mass in the rim really wants to rip out of your hand, so a strong grip is required in the snap, to prevent early release.


Well-timed hits will yield a turning and flexing drive with excellent glide, and a strong fade to finish. Just what the tops pros seek. The -1 turn rating seems to be accurate, and means that players without 120 metres of distance can safely bag this disc and enjoy it.

Photon (Fission)

  • The Photon is MVP's answer to the famous Innova Destroyer, and has the same flight shape, but there the resemblance ends. Photon has a radically thin flight plate which is stiffer than in the Fission plastic version. For players who prefer a less pliable flight plate, and love the glossy feel of Neutron, this could be your go to distance driver!


    Flight Rating: 12 5 -1 3

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