What Innova Say:

The Polecat flies flat and straight. It is a great choice for pros and beginners alike. A low profile, point and shoot, easy-to-release putt and approach disc.


The Polecat is a beginner friendly putt and approach disc. It is a straight flying disc made in a comfortable, grippy plastic. This putter is great for short drives and approaches as it takes and holds the angle of release regardless of speed. A great choice for pros and beginners, as it works well with all putting styles.

Polecat (DX)

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  • As long as you like the feel of the almost vertical edge, then this is a nicely controllable, straight flying, putt and approach disc. 


    Polecat flies like a roof tile. We can't say "brick" because that's reserved for the even slower Birdie, which has the same rim profile, but even deeper, and a thumb-track on the flight plate for your thumb.


    So, Polecat is a stripped down Birdie, essentially. Innovs sponsored Queenstown player Hemi Te Awhitu loves his Polecats. Very straight, very trustworthy, with low glide, the Polecat feels great in many hands.


    It catches a lot of air, so care needs to be taken when throwing this one in the wind. 


    Flight Rating: 1 3 0 0 

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