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The company says nothing about this disc on their site, and we don't want to steal someone else's content - so you need to look to your right, to see what we think about this one. -------------------------->

Queen (VIP)


    Queen is one of those discs which attempts to defy the logical progression of a players approach to buying the highest speed drivers. Queen is crazily understable at normal "Speed 14" airspeeds, flipping, climbing and then rolling in very short order.


    But when thrown with a Speed 7 arm, Queen will fly straight and true, or overstable, with no turn. It has monster glide, too, even when thrown quite softly.


    This disc shouldn't be thrown into any kind of headwind at all, unless you want to roll it.


    Queen has a very unusual feel in the hand, as the leading edge is almosr perfectly round, as opposed to squared off, like many high speed drivers. Because of this, the Queen does NOT feature a bevel ground into the bottom of the leading edge, as other Trilogy drivers are. ZOOM IN on the profile shot above, to see what we're talking about.


    As just 21.2mm rim size, this disc is not really a Speed 14 - and closely matches what Innova describe as a Speed 12 - but even so, it is a very fast disc through the air.


    Not recommended for power throwers or experts unless they seek a specialty roller disc.


    Flight Rating: 14 5 -2 2 


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