What Latitude64 says:

"Raketen ("Rocket" in English) is an extremely fast, long distance driver due to the unique hexagon pattern on the top of the flight plate. The HEX pattern reduces drag so it can fly faster, but some glide is lost as a result. This is quite easy to see when the discs touches the ground after a throw. It still has forward momentum and it is actually landing with more forward motion than a “normal” disc. Compared to our first HEX disc, Missilen, Raketen is easier to throw for slower arms and can be compared to the Bolt in stability. If you want to be the fastest thrower on the course, pick up a Raketen and start the countdown!"

Raketen (Opto Hex)

Weight in grams
  • Raketen needs some altitude to allow for a good amount of turn, when thrown out to 100 metres - and man does it get there fast. This really IS a rocketship which will surprise you in how quickly it moves downrage.


    Throwers who could not hope to get distance from a Missilen HEX should think of this as "The Missilen Junior"; able to be turned be mere mortals.


    Shorter shots will see this lightning quick disc straighten out a lot, and on firm ground, you should see a very forward skip, which is desirable in low-ceiling conditions.


    The only downside to the HEX, is that if it fills with mud it will work against you, and not FOR you, so keep this one clean, and rinse in water frequently to remove debris caught in the hex pattern.


    Flight Rating: 15 3 -1.5 3 



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