What Latitude64 says:

River has been one of Latitude 64’s best sellers of all time. For players with less power this fairway driver has provided some serious glide. Here comes the pro version. With added stability the River Pro will be a versatile and trusty fairway driver with a slow and steady fade.


Flight Rating: 7 5 0 2.5

River Pro (Opto)

$26.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Despite the similar look and feel to the Innova TeeBird, and the similar numbers, River Pro requires far more airspeed to straighten the disc out than the TeeBird. This fairway driver is most suited to headwind throws or high power players.


    It has absolutely nothing in common with the River, except the speed rating. Really, it was a bit naughty of Latitude64 to call it a River. It is a good disc, but very far away from the River in performance and power handling.


    You really need to rip this disc for any sort of long straight throw, with a fade to finish. Low power shots will see an early and strong fade.