Saint is a highly praised control driver – both among amateurs and pros. When you need a disc with good distance and perfect accuracy the Saint will deliver. Saint will be a straight shooter for drives up to 350 ft and has excellent glide. Saint also has a big brother – the slightly more stable Saint Pro.

Saint (Opto & Opto Air)

  • Latitude 64 has done it again with the Saint. They have produced a driver with a glide of 7 - the only driver in the world with that much glide. It's a medium speed straight shooter that will out throw most big drivers purely because of this glide. When thrown from elevation the Saint is a treat to watch.


    In Opto plastic the disc keeps its original flight shape for the longest possible time, feels great and flies great. What more could you ask for?


    How about a killer stamp, great grip and the longest throws you've ever made, without really trying?


    Latitude64, whom we have christened "The Glidemeisters", have an uncanny knack for producing discs with huge amounts of glide, or very little at all! High-glide extends the range of players without having to resort to high speed drivers, and low-glide means discs easier to range, by making them plunge out of the sky!


    The Saint is capable of some extraordinary feats for a Speed 9 disc. For example, it flies every bit as far as a lightweight VIP Air King, which is speed 14!


    If you haven't tried one, then you owe it to yourself!


    Players who have thrown either the River, or the Jade will know what to expect from the Saint, and they will not be disappointed.


    Flight Rating 9 7 -1 2