What Latitude64 say:

This disc will slice through the air like a sharp scythe slices through grass. This disc is not made for smooth anhyzers. The Scythe is an overstable and very reliable high speed driver, produced for the experienced players that need a disc to deliver speed, control and a strong fade.


Fun Factoid from Vortica:

Latitude64 (and by extension, Westside and Dynamic Discs) are the only company in the world who put their driver discs through a finishing machine, to grind the bottom edge of the leading edge, into a perfect surface. 


Take a look at the profile image above, and zoom in on it. 

That perfect angle on the bottom of the edge is where the machining has removed any flashing from the leading edge, and prepared it perfectly for maximum performance in flight.


In aerodynamic terms, the leading edge IS the wing - and thus, the act of machining off flashing, and leaving a continuously smooth and even leading edge results in a wing form which is ideal, and as the designer intended.


You can confirm the machining for yourself, by running your finger around the bottom of the leading edge of any new Trilogy driver. You will find a small section about 2mm long which is slightly different. It is where the machine starts and finishes the process, and overlaps slightly.


This is a perfect demonstration of Latitude64's total commitment to producing nothing but the highest quality discs and equipment, and why we love them so much.

Scythe (Gold)

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    I did put the right flight numbers in though, and the link shows you some other discs in the same vein as the Scythe,


    Flight Rating: 12 3 0 4