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The Shock is MVP's overstable fairway driver, it will perform into the wind, like a Volt does in calm air. With its low profile, and flat top it feels small, and controllable in the hand, and flies much faster and further than the speed 8 rating suggests; this disc will fly virtually as far as other much faster and more difficult to control discs

Shock (Neutron)

Weight in grams
  • The Shock has the same small rim, and low profile as it's understable mate the Amp, but this disc won't turn over for anyone but the most powerful throwers. Able to hold consistent hyzer lines, and cruise effortlessly in a straight line, before the strong spin-down fade kicks in, the Shock will provide outstanding distance when anhyzered and given enough altitude to flex back.

    Perhaps MVP's least thrown disc, most throwers will more enjoy the Volt or Amp depending on their arm speed, but if you are looking for a genuine wind-fighting hyzer disc, with great controllability, this could be an ideal addition to your bag.


    As with all MVP discs, the ultra-heavy-duty outer mold plastic is exceedingly durable, and this disc will hold its original flight path for a long time, even after repeated collisions with trees, tarmac and other solid objects. As the rim does not have a mold line on the bottom, the disc will never hurt your hand on the release, and can be forehanded with maximum power without the sanding many discs from other makers require.


    Flight Rating 8 5 0 3

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