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Control and stability, that is what the Spark is all about. Designed to be the workhorse for accurate fairway drives, you can rely on the Spark’s dependable fade and stable performance in the air. The Spark is useful in many ways and is perfect for thumbers and forehand shots. The Spark was designed in cooperation with 2008 World Champion David Feldberg. We have gotten accustomed to his prime skills for so many years, and that is the same qualities you will get with the Spark.

Spark (Gold)

Weight in grams
  • Spark is a low-glide, hard-fading fairway driver in the same speed range as the famous Innova TeeBird. But Spark has less glide, and more fade - making it ideal as a headwind fighting fairway driver: The low glide prevents it from climbing into stronger headwinds (which is what high-glide discs do into a headwind), and the strong fade ensures the disc will come out of whatever flight mode it's in, to finish strongly left.


    The low glide also makes this disc easier to range than the high-glide fairways like the River, or Saint, and it is unlikely to fly by your target.


    Spark is Lat64 sponsored player Matt Dollar's favourite fairway driver. Maybe it's time you found out why!


    Flight Rating: 7 4 0 3



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