The Spike was one of the first discs released by Latitude 64°. It has a understable flight path for the more advanced players and will fly straight for beginners. Compared to most putters it has a shallower grip and a smoother edge. If you have a problem with putters sticking to your hand on release. The Spike might be the right pick for you. The top surface has traction zones for optional varied grip - just like its overstable brother, the Sinus.

Spike (Zero Medium Burst)

  • Spike is one of our most popular putters, and in gorgeously grippy Zero plastic, the only questions remaining are, What Weight? What Colour? And Soft, Medium or Hard?


    All three make ideal putting putters, with the medium and hard being ideal as an understable driving putter.


    Spike won't rock back out of an anhyzer upshot to land on its left edge. Spike will hold on, and land flat. Spike grabs the ground well, to prevent skips and slide-bys, keeping distance to the pin at a minimum in case of a basket fly-by.


    Flight Rating: 4 2 -1 1