What Discraft Say:

Stalker: 2009 driver of the year! Whether you're throwing hard or soft, Stalker™ is a straight flier that won't turn over unless you want it to. Forgives small release errors and produces a gentle finish with soft landings that won't skip away from the target on impact. Like a Buzzz with driver distance.

Stalker (ESP) Paige Pierce 5x World Champ

  • Stalker flies a little like a slightly more stable River, and about as far, but needs more efforet put into it, as it does not like to fly as slowly as a River. Stalker will be a solid, stable fairway driver for those first venturing into sharpewr rimmed discs, and slightly understable for strong intermediate players. Stalker has some plastic embossed text on the inside of the inner rim, so you can select a smooth, or a slightly ridged section for your grip depending on what feels better for you.

    Flight Rating 8 5 -1 1

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