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What RPM say: The Tākapu (or Gannet in English) is a stable putt and approach disc. In the wild it has bold colours, rakish lines and a wing span of almost two metres. Tākapu are not only among the most elegant of birds but are also masters of the wind and attack their prey with deadly precision.

The RPM Tākapu has a slow and very stable flight with a gentle late fade. The beadless rim and rounded nose fits perfectly into your hand and helps eliminate wobble. When thrown with high power they will hold their line like a laser beam.


The Tākapu is molded in 5 standard plastic types and with many effects. The Magma and Strata varieties feel grippy and silky and come in three grades of stiffness. Cosmic (translucent) and Atomic (solid colour) are super-grippy ultra-durable premium TPUs - Thermo-Plasticised Urethanes. 

Model #: PA3
PDGA Approved: May 9th 2022

Maximum Weight: 176g
Diameter: 212mm

Weight: 150-176g
Rim width: 10mm

Rim Depth: 15mm

Flight Rating: 2 3 0 2

Plastic types: Strata / Cosmic / Atomic / Magma / Glow

RPM Takapu (Magma Medium)

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Colour: Turquoise
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    Tākapu is a stable driving and putting putter inspired by the Aviar Putt & Approach mold, and flies like a P2. Tākapu is beadless and has roughly the same depth as the famous Ruru. It is a slow-flying, stable putter with good loft and a great ability to withstand high airspeeds without turning over.

    Magma Medium is an ultra-grippy solid-colour plastic in a wide range of colours. Stiffer than the Magma Soft, but certainly not a stiff disc. Great grip in the wet. 

    When dirty, wipe clean with methylated spirits to rejuvenate the grip level.

    Flight Rating 2 3 0 2


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