The World is  Westside's fastest high speed driver. Designed as a distance driver the World gets there fast and flies great close to the ground. It has a low profile and a great feel. For professional players it is the fastest disc on the market that holds a hyzer line for anyone. For lower speed arms the World will be the disc in your bag that is over stable and fast in all conditions. You can count on the World to get you further down the fairway right away. The World comes in VIP and Tournament plastics.

World (Elasto)

  • The World is an incredible disc, but not the longest - with a lowly "4" glide number. Although a +1 for turn, this is not the right number for the World. Negative 0.25 might be about right: with 100-metres of power the disc will hold a straight flight, and will flip with more speed - but will fade strongly as it spins down.

    This is one of Queenstown Prodigy Ben Wiel-Lake's favourite discs, and he can throw it 140 metres on an anhyzer line. Incredible stuff!


    The World makes an ideal headwind disc, as it will not climb into a headwind, even if it turns a little - and because it's a World, you know it's coming back!


    Flight rating 14 4 1 4 

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