Dynamic Discs Compact Cart

Color: Matte Black

Weight: 5.3kg empty

For disc golfers who carry a smaller set of discs, ZUCA's newest cart is a more compact carrier, offering the same telescoping handle, removable tubeless tires, and rugged performance characteristics of the All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart. The patented ZUCA frame holds up to 135kg, offers a slightly lower seat, and breaks down to 51cm H x 25cm W x 28cm D size with wheels and spacers and bottle cages removed and tucked into the unit

Insert bag features include:

  • 2 pencil slots
  • adjustable inner top shelf
  • built-in disc holder flap (for up to 15 discs) with divider
  • 2 elasticized side pockets


The Compact Disc Golf Cart ships with 2 XL water bottle holders and a mini pouch duo (fits on inner top shelf).

Dimensions with wheels:
56cm wide x 43cm deep (with XL bottle holders attached) x 51cm from the seat to the ground

Interior dimensions:
33cm high x 25cm wide x 25cm deep

Zuca Compact Cart inc. Rainfly

  • The Zuca Mini sits in the happy place between a massive Backpack cart, and a heavy backpack. You'll fit up to 19 discs in this mini cart.

    There are plenty of upgrade options to add down the track, to increase efficacy and carrying capacity - such as a putter pouch, umbrella holder, seat cushion, or mud guards.

    Super-easy to pull, even when fully loaded, the cart makes disc golf easier at any course where the ground isn't too uneven. There's no doubt mown lawns suit a cart well.

    The small seat is sufficient to take the weight off your feet for a well-earned rest. 

    The upper shelf and two clear-topped cases allow you to add a range of accessories to your kit, and the dual adjustable bottle holders will ensure you stay hydrated.

    The side pockets will easily hold two deep-dish putters each.

    The included Rainfly features a water-resistant zipper, and is secured around the front legs of the cart, and takes less than 20 seconds to fit.

    The handle end-plug is not tight-fitting, and could be easily lost unless it is glued into place. This is something we have seen in other Zuca cart handles.

    In hot conditions the metal handle can become very hot, and also very cold in winter, too. We recommend wrapping the handle in your preferred grip tape. Cohesive medical tape works very well.

    The wheels are quickly removed by hand for stowing in a car boot. But be wary of losing the wheel stand-offs in the process.