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  • Chris Davies. Edited by Martin Galley

Just The Tip! No. 13 – Make your grip early in your setup

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip. That's it. Scout's honour!

I find it is extremely difficult to take a proper grip on a disc if I am performing other actions simultaneously.

There are more disc grips than disc throwers

Making any grip requires my concentration and focus. I believe it is not something to be taken lightly. My grip is the single most important aspect of any throw I make, and I always (try to) create the correct grip before I begin, and never during my throwing motion.

When driving, I stand in my starting position and make my grip carefully, and methodically. I have a 4-step process to create my power or control grip, and I execute it faithfully before I begin moving.

When putting, I place my feet into their correct positions, and align them properly, which aligns my body. Then I form my putting grip. Then I may confidently begin my throwing motion.

I never alter my grip in any way once my body is in motion, and this includes all practice swings during my putting regime.


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