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Vortica Team Members and Vortica Associates for 2022

For the sixth year, Vortica is pleased and proud to announce our sponsored team members and associates for 2022. It features some new and some familiar faces. We were very happy with our picks for 2021 and we congratulate the Vortica crew on a job well done!

You can support your favourite Vortica Team member or Associate by using their 10% discount code when making purchases at Vortica. Their discount code is valid for all products including Discmate portable baskets, backpacks, as well as all stocked discs.

vortica team

Siolei Tu'itufu

PDGA # 117131


Originally from Tonga, Sioeli, is a serious

disc golfer, with three Tour wins so far,

and plenty more to come! This is his third

year on the team, and we love his passion,

his dedication, his ideas, and his big arm.

Sioeli grows hydroponic basil, and 

greens in Katikati, and still finds time to

be consumed by disc golf, and is also

sponsored by RPM discs.


Siolei says: "My favourite things are meeting new people and making great friends. Competing and smashing my two older brothers Rob &Nisse. Being a part of the Vortica disc golf family and growing the sport alongside some amazing people." BACK TO THE TOP

Jasper van der Meer

Originally from the Netherlands, but now

an Otautahi/Christchurch native, Jasper

is another serious contender in 2022.

Having claimed the top bag tag several

times, and taking his first two C-Tier MPO

victories in late 2021, he is determined

to take NZDG Tour wins in 2022.


Jasper says: "Kia Ora Team, I am proud to be a new team member of Vortica.

I've been playing disc golf ever since my local course was installed (Queenspark DGC), which is about 4 years now. My most-played course is Brooker Ave DGC. I'm a fan of many discs but my trusty Destroyers would be my favourite. The part of my game that I pride myself on is staying consistent and something I want to improve this season is staying mentally tough. This year I'll play 5 or 6 events and see where I finish up in the NZ standings. I also want to win an NZDG Tour Event after winning two non-Tour C-Tier events events in 2021.BACK TO THE TOP

Ryan Cambridge

PDGA #158728


A Wanaka resident, Ryan has been playing

for X years, and recently has been working

hard on the Confluence course, preparing

it for play. He is know for his white patch

of hair, his infectious smile, and his

relentlessly optimistic outlook. Ryan is

another serious disc golfer, who works

hard and plays hard.

Ryan C.jpg

Cooper is an Aussie import, and a

welcome one! Living in Wanaka, he

is heavily involved in the local club,

and in putting in some serious hours

into the newly opened Confluence

DGC. Often assisting Vortica's 

operations and using his PDGA Rules

Official's hat, Cooper is a hard-

working team member, an outstanding

barista, and a solid bloke!


Cooper says: "Playing since 2018 I have made many lifelong friends, started a disc collection, put hundreds of hours into designing, clearing and installing a course and I'm a DGW board member. I think I'm in love.

I'm still working hard on my forehands. They have changed my short game for the better. My goal for each tournament is finishing in the top 10. This is getting harder and harder as the talent out there is phenomenal. Like all of us, I'd like to become a more consistent disc golfer. The result doesn't matter, I would like to be in a positive headspace, relaxed and enjoying myself. I practice regularly, so the rest will come." BACK TO THE TOP


Jeremy Brokenshire


Another Otautahian, Jeremy is a highly 

motivated player and contributor to disc

golf - working hard on installing and 

maintaining the Ascot DGC's hardware, 

as well as working hard on his own game.

Jeremy's sunny nature, and huge smile 

make him a popular figure, now in his

second season with Vortica.


Jeremy says: "I have been taking Disc Golf seriously for around 2.5 years once I realised my own potential and I'm excited by the growth of the sport. My favourite course is the Green Belt course in Twizel and my favourite temporary course was the pop-up course at Charteris Bay Golf Club. I love the combination of playing on manicured fairways with beautiful views, gnarly rough and elevation on a Ball Golf Course.
The Axiom Neutron Envy would have to be my favourite disc - a reliable slightly over-stable approach putter. I'm stoked to renew my sponsorship with Vortica and my goal this year is to be 950-rated. I hope to see you out on the course. :)"  


Jarrad Newton


Another fine Aussie-import living in the

"Far North", Jarrad has shown plenty of 

skill, determination and lots of potential.


Jarrad's smiling face is a feature you'll 

come to know well as he's touring hard

in 2022.


Jarrad says: "I first started playing disc golf in 2016. I started as an ultimate frisbee player in Australia, but soon switched to disc golf in 2017 after watching the Australian open in Perth. Paul McBeth drained a 75 meter upshot with his nova on hole 16 for birdie with OB behind. This moment was electrifying for me and made me realise this was my sport, and I have never looked back.

I'm an MA1 player with aspirations of an MA1 title and then moving to MPO. My game strength is really as an all rounder, and my forehand is very consistent for up shots and shorter technical drives. I throw a mixed bag of Innova, latitude 64, RPM and Prodigy. Innova Wraith is my favourite high-speed driver with the Westside Harp and Prodigy A3 as my up shot and control driver."  BACK TO THE TOP

Dom Hayden



An ex-pat and long-term Wanakan,

Dom is now in his 10th year playing, 

and his fourth year on the Vortica team,

and his 13 PDGA victories demonstrate 

Dom's strong game in the Masters

division despite being over 50.


Dom says: "This year I'm working on staying strong and flexible with yoga

and deep tissue massages. Maintaining distance with drivers, improve C2 putting and implementing more back hand shots for approaches inside 50m. 

My favourite 9 hole is The Confluence, 18 hole is Bella Rahka. Both challenging! My goals for 2022 are to get and maintain a 950 rating, and to stay competitive in the Masters division and take the 2022 Masters Tour title." BACK TO THE TOP

Riley Bruce



Yet another Christchurch/Otautahi native,

Riley's background in rowing means he's 

got all sorts of strength to huck discs with.

Riley is the youngest member of the

Vortica team, and he took his first MA1 win

in Twizel 2021, and that has whetted his

appetite for more. 

Riley Bruce1 edit.jpg

Mark Tebbutt


Mark is another ex-pat now residing in 

Dunedin. He is heavily involved in the local club and also the local league as well. 

He is another player who is working hard to give back to the game, and of course we wish to reward Mark for his efforts.

Mark took his first MA1 win at the Paradise Plates 2022. The first of many such wins, we think.


Mark says: "I'm out most days playing, or on the fields throwing discs trying to improve. If the weather is not the best, I'm putting in my garage. My goals for 2022 are to be 900 rated and try to take out the GM NZ tour. I am currently sitting second. I have just won my 1st tournament in Paradise in my division and will be looking to be competitive in the upcoming tournaments I enter. I love meeting new people with the same passion for disc golf.

I am very excited to be part of Vortica and stoked to be in the Team."



In 2022 we're introducing a new category of players and people: our associates. These are gentle people we have great respect for, and who work hard for disc golf without any outside encouragement at all. 


Bryn Hill


Instagram: @brynhilldg

Is a resident of Otautahi/Christhurch, and

a founding member of Otautahi Bag Tags.

In 2021 he was a valued member of the

Vortica Team but in 2022 he is taking a

step back and concentrating on things

other than tournaments results.


Bryn says: "I've been a part of the NZ Disc Golf scene for just over three years, and playing competitively for just over a year. I co-organise and run the Otautahi Bag Tag project with a few like-minded individuals from Canterbury. My favourite course in NZ is the hidden gem that is Queenspark Reserve in Christchurch. My favourite disc is the XT Nova, for its reliability and control. I am a long-drive enthusiast and proud member of Team Vortica!" BACK TO THE TOP


Paddy Caffel


Hails from the East of Otautahi, and works

with children and young adults at the 

Youth Alive Trust. Paddy is a fanatical

proponent and promoter of disc golf to

anyone who will listen, but especially

kids. He has given away so many discs

he is now specially supplied by RPM!


Paddy is the driving force behind the funding and installation of a newly designed Rawhiti Domain DGC in New Brighton.

Paddy Says: "Kia ora, I’m known as Paddy aka Putteriki. I’ve been a part of the disc golf scene here in Ōtautahi for one and a half years now. My favourite course is a local gem: Brooker Ave. Disc golf is growing rapidly and my goal is for all Whānau in my community to have a decent set of discs to play casually, or be the next up and coming pros. I use disc golf as a tool in my mahi as a youth worker here in the eastern suburbs, and it’s a great way to get youth and their Whānau doing a fun active sport right here in their community. I’m looking forward to what 2022 has installed for this great sport and the community."  BACK TO THE TOP


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